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What We Offer

St. Matthew's Parish is committed to the spirituality of outreach. Our efforts extend to the community in which we live and beyond. It is the purpose of the Outreach Committee to respond to critical needs of our neighbors through direct support and prayers and through the allocation of small grants to meet these needs and to enable them to be better able to care for themselves.

It is the ultimate dream of St. Matthew's that the basic needs of people in the growing Goffstown area will be met: no one will go hungry, cold, unsheltered.

Outreach Activities

  • Fall Festival/Spring Thing – These are yard and bake sales held at the church to raise money for the Outreach Committee
  • Parish RN – The Parish RN is available every Wednesday morning to discuss health-related questions
  • SHINE – This is a weekly senior socialization program.
  • Goffstown Network – The mission of the Goffstown Network is to provide for the hunger related needs of our neighbors in Goffstown and surrounding communities.
  • Super Roll Bowl-a-Thon – Once a year, we bowl to support the Goffstown Clergy Association Fuel Crisis Fund.
  • Crop Hunger Walk – This  is a community-wide event sponsored by Church World Service and organized by local volunteers to raise funds to end hunger.
  • Community Clothing Center – The CCC offers a wide selection of "lightly experienced" Mens, Womens , Childrens clothing & housewares at very affordable prices.
  • Millennium Development Goals – In 2000, the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) were established to reduce, by the year 2015, the number of people who live in extreme poverty. Developed by the international community including leaders from 191 countries, the eight goals were endorsed by development institutions and religious bodies, and have galvanized unprecedented energy and effort.
  • Outreach Committee – The Outreach Committee meets the first Sunday of each month, with few exceptions, following the ten o'clock worship service. New members are welcome to assist us in the ministry of reaching out to all our neighbors in need.

Outreach Guidelines

Community Resources

Outreach Program Charitable Donation Guide

If you have any questions or would like to participate in this ministry, please contact the office at or Committee Co-Chairs Roger Fortier or Amy Poisson or Vestry liasons David Betz, Chris Haines, and Abby Mathewson.