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Lifelong Spiritual Formation

What We Offer

To provide opportunities for learning and growing spiritually for all people. It is our goal for St Matthew’s to have a Christian Education program that views Christian formation as a life-long endeavor and provides resources and programs for every stage of life in a variety of settings, incorporates technology, and with a broad selection of programs from Tai Chi to mediation to Bible study.

  •  Sunday School - Classes during 10 am services during the school year for pre-schoolers, primary, intermediate and young teens. Taught by parishioners using a standard curriculum: The Whole People of God.
  •  Book Group - Quarterly (or more) discussion of a book of spiritual or social value led by parishioners.
  •  Films & Discussions - Occassional parishioner-led discussions.
  •  Adult Spiritual Formation: To provide opportunities for all who seek to go deeper in their spiritual journey and to be more open to the power of the Spirit. Programs of the body, mind, and spirit nature offered both on and off the St. Matthew's campus. Offerings include but are not limited to Yoga and Tai Chi, praying, meditation and more.
  •  Lenten Programs - Topical programs to learn more and to deepen one's spirituality.
  •  Live Nativity - Christmas Week nativity including children, adults and animals both real and unreal!
  •  Epiphany Play - Indescribable - tells the story of the birth of Christ in a serious yet humorous way.
  •  Babysitting - Is sometimes offered during program times.
  •  Confirmation/Reception Instruction - Annual invitation to attend classes toward annual confirmation.
  •  Bible Study/Chat - Weekly Bible Chat during school year and occassional evening Bible Study, especially during Lent and Advent.

If you have any questions or would like to participate in this ministry, please contact the office at or the Vestry liaison Abby Mathewson and Angie Battey.

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