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  • Friday February 9, 2018

    "She said ... I treat my body like a temple. You treat yours like a tent" - Jimmy Buffett, "Fruitcakes"   During the Prayers of the People, Form VI, we pray "For the just and proper use of your creation". Previously, when hearing this prayer, I would think about things like the environment, pollution, and recycling. Lately, though, it has occurred to me that, out of the whole entire universe, there is one part of God's creation that is mine alone to manage - my body. Hectic days, a full schedule and a busy family have often meant that I don't always eat as well as I should or get enough exercise or sleep. I am trying, now, to make proper use of this piece of God's creation.   -Leo Steffens, Vestry Member (reprinted from February 2014)
    Leo Steffens
  • Thursday February 8, 2018

    "Men make history and not the other way around. In periods where there is no leadership, society stands still. Progress occurs when courageous, skillful leaders seize the opportunity to change things for the better." Harry S. Truman   "America is great because she is good. If America ceases to be good, America will cease to be great." Alexis de Tocqueville   "Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them. " Ephesians 5:11   I can't imagine how confusing it must be for our children to really know what is right and wrong. Have we as a country lost our moral base? I worry about all the foolishness that is accepted from our leaders and the lack of commitment to challenge what is being accepted as normal. I thank God every day for giving me the comfort of my faith in his teachings and pray that his words will rise above the confusion we live with every day. We all need to do our part every day to challenge what is not right and lead by example. I know that God will help us get thru.   Roger Fortier, Sexton
    Roger Fortier, Sexton
  • Wednesday February 7, 2018

    I found this meditation particularly interesting because, though I have never paused to think of my relationship to God in his two "carnations", I certainly have related to him on different occasions in his divinity as well as in his humanity. You? - Joan Alayne Stevens   Emmanuel Some days we need to know God as someone not groveling on the same plane in which we live, but someone lifted up, revealing the glory of the God whom he calls "Father." What may seem more important to you - Jesus' humanity or Jesus' divinity - may depend on the day.  Both are true.  Call on him. - Br. Curtis Almquist Society of Saint John the Evangelist
    Br. Curtis Almquist
  • Tuesday February 6, 2018

      "How dear to me is your dwelling, O Lord of hosts!                  My soul has a desire and a longing for the courts of                                                the Lord;                  My heart and my flesh rejoice in the living God." Ps. 84, v1   On the first Sunday of this month I was standing at the back of the church, in my choir robe, waiting to process down the aisle singing a favorite hymn, noticing the congregation filled with many familiar smiling faces and thinking to myself: I am so blessed to be in this place of worship, God's house, my home away from home, where I am  surrounded by love, where a sense of peace always fills my soul. As the service progressed and psalm eighty-four was read, it struck me that verse one summed up my thoughts in a nutshell.         St. Matthew's, my dwelling place on Sunday mornings, always makes my heart and soul rejoice in the living God especially when I'm in the midst of such a loving parish family.   Barbara Carbonneau
    Barbara Carbonneau
  • Sunday February 4, 2018

    The Apostle Paul, in today's epistle lesson from his first letter to the Corinthians, writes that he became "all things to all people" so that, by all means, he might save some (1 Corinthians 9:22).  What are the implications for us?  Are we called to be all things to all people as well? Doesn't that run the risk of burn out? Is it even possible to do?    Peace, Nancy
  • Saturday February 3, 2018

    This morning your vestry is going to meet to spend some quiet hours and get to know each other. We are welcoming Abby Mathewson who is new to the group for one year and thanking David Betz and Randy Cheyne who are returning for three years. There will be prayers, reflection, and visioning for the upcoming year. Please keep us in your thoughts and pray with us...   For Guidance: Direct us, O Lord, in all our doings with thy most gracious favor, and further us with thy continual help; that in all our works begun, continued, and ended in thee, we may glorify thy holy Name, and finally, by thy mercy, obtain everlasting life; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. (BCP p. 832)   Kelly Kennerson Parish Administrator
    Kelly Kennerson
  • Friday February 2, 2018

    The Presentation of Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Temple   I thought I should add some artwork to the meditation this morning. When I looked for images depicting the presentation of our Lord in the temple, the choices were many.  These two were very different and yet showed the same story about 700 years apart.  Kelly Kennerson, Parish Administrator    The Collect - Almighty and everliving God, we humbly pray that, as your only-begotten Son was this day presented in the temple, so we may be presented to you with pure and clean hearts by Jesus Christ our Lord; who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever. Amen.   From the Menologion of Basil II (10th Century)   Presentation of Jesus in the Temple by Rembrandt (1631)
  • February 1, 2018 Parish News St. Matthew's Episcopal Church   The Rev. Dr. Nancy Vogele, Rector   7 North Mast Street Goffstown, NH 03045  603-497-2003   Office Hours: Tu/Th 9:30-12:30pm Wed 9:30-1:30pm   Like us on Facebook    8am Rite I- quiet, spoken   10am Rite II - with music, choirs, nursery care, Sunday School, & coffee hour   All people of faith are welcome to receive Holy Communion at the Lord's Table.   Sunday Readings February 4 Isaiah 40:21-31 Psalm 147:1-12, 21c 1 Corinthians 9:16-23 Mark 1:29-39     Thank you for your ministry this Sunday: 8am Michael Domingue Sharon Benard Pam Cheyne Ann Domingue   10am Tamaryn Morin Matt Desrochers Amy Desrochers James McKim David Betz Natalie Sennett Joan Alayne Stevens Nancy Nichols Brian Penney Rosemarie Fry   Coffee Hour Kelly & Matthew Kennerson     Important Dates   February 1 - Submissions due for the next issue of The Matthean   February 4 - Worship 8 & 10am Jr. Choir rehearsal 11:30-noon   February 6 - Insight Meditation at Co-Creations in Amherst 7pm   February 11 - Worship 8 & 10am Family Sunday Theology Under Wraps for high school youth at Nadeau's Subs, 12:30-2pm.   February 13 - Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper. Great opportunity for young families and all others to come have dinner and meet Rev. Vogele. Dinner will be served 5:30-7pm - Insight Meditation in the Parish House 7pm   February 14 - Ash Wednesday service 7am & 7pm   February 18 - Worship 8 & 10am  Jr. Choir rehearsal 11:30-noon   February 20 - Insight meditation in the Parish House 7pm   February 24 - Celebration of New Ministry, 1pm   February 25 - Worship 8 & 10am  Jr. Choir rehearsal 11:30-noon   February 27 - Insight meditation in the Parish House 7pm     Click here for the Matthean Click here for the monthly Calendar  In Our Prayers   Get Well and God Bless Lou, Kate, Ellen, Frank, Judy, Louise, Judy, Eleanor, Jane, Cynthia & Jim, Lu, Ed, Carolyn, Amy, Corrine, Barb, Dian, Bill, John, George & Phyllis, Ella Rose, Mary, Diana, Dede, Debra, K, John, Judith Anne,  & Sophia   Birthdays Known to Us Alexander Brown Joseph McCarthy   Anniversaries Known to Us   Weekly Offerings    Mondays  AA meetings held in the church undercroft 8:30pm   Tuesdays Group Meditation 7-8:30 in the Parish House for further information please visit   Wednesdays SHINE Program - for seniors 10:30-11:45am Bible Chat - Noon-1pm  Sr. Choir Rehearsal - 7-8:30pm   Food Pantry - Wednesday 6:00-8:00 pm and Saturday 10:00-noon    Community Clothing Center hours-  Tuesday 11:00-2:00pm, Wednesday 6:00-8:00 pm, Thursday 3-5pm and Saturday 10:00am-Noon   Flower Offering Memorial donations for altar flowers with request to include names of the dearly departed in Sunday prayers are available to all parishioners.  Please contact the office if you would like to remember a loved one. Traveling or Homebound?    Now you can see & hear Sunday Services from St. Matthew's anytime on the internet as we continue to reach out to share God's many blessings.       Click here to see all the recordings available for viewing.  Nut Allergy Alert Everyone please be aware that several members have severe allergies to nuts at St. Matt's.  Therefore, please do not bring snacks, salads or dishes with nuts into the church or Parish House. Need a Ride? Do you or anyone you know in Goffstown need a ride to a medical or other necessary appointment?  Easter Seals may be able to help! Call 668-8603 (select option 2) and ask to schedule a ride. Please call at least four days in advance, wheelchairs can be accommodated.  Service is available to people who are elderly or disabled.      ++++++++++++++++++ Manchester Transit Authority also offers door to door transportation to residents of Goffstown.  Available every Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 9am & 2pm.  No fare for the service but reservations are required.  Call the MTA at 623-8801 at least 1 day in advance.           Parish Notes - February 1, 2018   The Apostle Paul, in this Sunday's epistle lesson from his first letter to the Corinthians, writes that he became "all things to all people" so that, by all means, he might save some (1 Corinthians 9:22).  What are the implications for us?  Are we called to be all things to all people as well? Doesn't that run the risk of burn out? Is it even possible to do?   These are thoughts I am pondering as I prepare my sermon for Sunday and as get ready for our Vestry Retreat on Saturday.  Make sure to ask your vestry representatives about the retreat on Sunday when you see them.  And please remember: the vestry is YOUR vestry so never hesitate to ask them questions, come to our monthly meetings, make suggestions, and request the minutes to the monthly meetings.    Peace, Nancy   * Note that we will begin a new Prayers of the People list in Lent (first Sunday in Lent is February 18). If you have someone you wish to include, please email the office.   All submissions for the next issue of The Matthean are due TODAY. Please email the office with any information you would like included.     Meet & Greet Sessions   We would like to organize a few meet and greet sessions with Reverend Nancy Vogele during February and March. We are looking for parishioners that would be willing to host a small gathering at their homes. If this is something you would be interested in, please contact Angie Battey 486-9151 or  Angie will be in touch with those interested in hosting after February 1.     Celebration of New Ministry On Saturday, February 24th at 1pm, the Bishop will join us in a "Celebration of New Ministry" at St. Matthew's.    A Celebration of New Ministry is more than just an opportunity for the bishop to formally institute the new Rector.  It is an opportunity to gather and ask God's blessing on all the ministry that will happen by all the good folks of St. Matthew's in this new chapter of our life together.  So please come and celebrate!     Lenten Series Offered   The Rev. Nancy Vogele and Linnae Peterson, M.Div., will be facilitating the Lenten Series - Meeting Jesus In John, created by the Society of St. John the Evangelist. We will meet on Thursdays in Lent, starting with a simple dinner from 6-7pm, with the educational program from 7-8:30pm.  All are welcome to come whether they can join in for dinner or just the educational session.  Please let Nancy or Linnae know if you have any questions or if you would like a booklet for the series. ********************************************* Have you ever wished to deepen your relationship with God? To experience a warm friendship with God? Maybe even fall in love with God - again - or for the very first time?   With a beautiful prayer journal, facilitation guidance for small groups (and more) from the Center for the Ministry of Teaching, and videos from the monks of SSJE, Meeting Jesus is a six-week journey and reflection on the Gospel According to John, starting Lent 2018. Download the journal and companion materials for free, or buy the prayer journal at-cost.       Pledge Gathering Update: 76 pledges in hand totaling $150,896   Goal: 100 pledges totaling $170,000   Goffstown Insight Meditation Group   Starting in 2018 the Goffstown Insight meditation group will meet at Co-Creations Artisan Marketplace in Amherst NH (292 Rt. 101 -- Salzburg Square) on the first Tuesday of every month. The owner, Deborah Hodiak-Knox, has kindly offered her yoga space downstairs for our meditation gathering. We'll start at the same time (7pm) and sit for 30 minutes, followed with a Dharma talk and discussion (with tea and cookies!).   All the other Tuesdays will remain at St. Matthews, starting at 7pm (also with tea and cookies!).   Please feel free to join us.     Stewardship -St. Matt's Needs YOUR help!   "Lord help us to be grateful for your whole creation, that we may honor thee with our substance and be faithful stewards of thy bounty."  (BCP pg. 329)     E-Giving St Matthew's now has the ability to accept donations electronically   There is a link on St Matthew's website that will take you directly to the St Matthew's E-Giving window or click here to DONATE . The very first you visit, you will be asked to enroll as a member - set up a user name and password and, if you wish, accept the ACH authorization to create bank account transactions. Once you are a member, you only need to log in using your user name and password.  (Note: If you specify a regular ongoing offering for a particular time frame, please consider renewing it when the time runs out. Thanks!)   "The Earth is the Lord's and all that dwells therein." (1 Corinthinian)    Anniversary? Birthday? Thanksgiving?  Offerings for special occasions may be made by providing for worship in the following manner:           Candles             $20.00       Sanctuary Lamp             $20.00        Flower Offering  $35.00       Weekly Wafers/Host        $10.00                                      Please make checks payable to St. Matthew's Church and either put it in the Sunday Offering plate or mail it to the church office. General Information Historic St. Matthew's Episcopal Church is known for great liturgical music and progressive preaching in an inviting, traditional setting.  Since 1867 souls have given thanks through prayer, fellowship and sharing.  Fall worship times are at 8am (Rite I) and 10am (Rite II). Summer worship time is 9am.     This House of Prayer welcomes all people of faith on their spiritual journey. St. Matthew's Church is located at 7 North Mast Street in Goffstown, across from Sully's. (603) 497-2003. Check us out on theweb where you can support St. Matthew's by clicking on the e-giving icon or click on Publications for weekly Parish notes, a current copy of The Matthean, and important dates listed. Give Thanks To God Always IN GOD'S PRESENCE IS JOY IN GOD'S SERVICE IS PERFECT FREEDOM If you have questions, need help or additional information please feel free to contact Angie Battey, Sr. Warden directly at 486-9151 or For pastoral help call The Rev. Dr. Nancy Vogele.     Contact Rector The Rev. Dr. Nancy Vogele email: Parish Administrator Kelly Kennerson St. Matthew's Church   7 N. Mast   Goffstown, NH 03045 office phone: 603-497-2003   email: Office Hours: Tues & Thurs 9:30-12:30pm, Wed 9:30-1:30pm
  • Thursday February 1, 2018

    With a daughter named Bridget, I feel I must share the history of St. Brigid on her feast day. Kelly Kennerson, Parish Administrator   From Holy Women, Holy Men: Celebrating the Saints -   Next to Patrick, Brigid is the most beloved of Irish saints. Born at Fauchart about the middle of the fifth century, she may have met Patrick as a young girl. She was said to be the daughter of Dubhthach, poet laureate of King Loeghaire, and was reared in a Druid household. She decided early in life to dedicate her life to God alone as a Christian. She received a nun's veil from Bishop Macaile of Westmeath.   Gathering around her a group of women, Brigid, in 470, founded a nunnery at Kildare, a place whose name meant "Church of the Oak." Here had flourished the cult of a pagan goddess, from which it was said to have derived the sacred fire, which she and her successors maintained. To secure the sacraments, Brigid persuaded the anchorite Conlaed to receive episcopal ordination and to bring his community of monks to Kildare, thus establishing the only known Irish double monastery of men and women. Brigid actively participated in policymaking decisions in Church conventions. One story has it that she received episcopal orders, which may reflect only the fact that she exercised the jurisdictional authority that was customarily wielded by medieval abbesses.   Many stories are told of Brigid's concern for the poor and needy. When a leper woman asked for milk she was healed also of her infirmity. Two blind men were given their sight. Best known is the tale that tells of Brigid's taming of a wolf at the request of a local chieftain whose pet dog had been killed accidentally by a peasant. The Gaelic name given to the oyster-catching bird, galle-brigade, attests to her affinity for birds. Her feast day itself, February 1, was long held sacred as Imbolg, the Celtic festival of Spring.   Brigid died about 523 at Kildare, outside whose small cathedral the foundations of her fire-house are still shown to tourists. Her remains are said to have been re-interred, at the time of the Danish invasions of the ninth century, with those of Patrick, at Downpatrick.   Brigid, also known as Bride, was very popular both in Scotland and England, where many churches have been dedicated to her. The best known of them is that church which was designed by Christopher Wren on Fleet Street in London. In Wales, Brigid achieved fame under her Gaelic name Ffraid.
    Kelly Kennerson


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