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  • Daily Meditation June 6, 2018

    As we wind down our program year it's good to reflect and give thanks to those who have made it a success. This weeks upcoming meditations are taken from the Prayers of the People offered last Sunday. Let us give thanks to God for all who offer themselves for the good of our parish and community:   For all who help us worship you, Lord – altar guild members, acolytes, Sr. and Jr. Choir members, musicians, readers, chalice bearers and ushers, those who bring up the bread and wine, lead the prayers, welcome guests and newcomers, who put together the bulletin, and who bring communion to our members who can no longer make it to church, we pray,  Thank you, Lord.
  • Daily Meditation June 5, 2018

    There is hope! ABC has cancelled one of it’s biggest shows because of it’s stars unacceptable tweets that insults decency. There is hope! Disney (the ABC network parent company) has learned that goodness can make money. I’m quite impressed that the Mouse rose above what is currently being accepted and took a stand. I realize it was for money but there is nothing wrong with making money promoting wholesomeness! Thank you Lord for a beam of hope that people will realize that integrity and morality can overcome the current climate on television and in our culture.   Roger Fortier Sexton
    Roger Fortier Sexton
  • Daily Meditation June 4, 2018

    "I AM ST. MATTHEWS"   At the Yard Sale last Saturday, one little girl who was sitting with me at the Bling Table asked what my pin said. I read it to her: "I am St. Matthews." She looked up at me and said "You are St. Matthews?" I told her I am St. Matthews and so is she; and so is her sister; and so is her mother; and so is everyone here.   She seemed a little taken aback so we continued talking about how we could be St. Matthews. We talked about going to church, what we learn there and how we take what we learn out into the world and why. I think she got it in her own way. But her message was really for me. It made me think about how I am St. Matthews and how I could be better at it. I know that I need to be present at St. Matthews every Sunday to refuel in order to be a better person and to share love and loving kindness as I make my way.   How are you St. Matthews?   Joan Alayne Stevens
    Joan Alayne Stevens
  • Daily Meditation June 3, 2018

    This weekend is a BIG weekend for St. Matt’s - our yard sale was yesterday and Mass on the Grass is this morning at 10am (regular worship at 8am in the church). I was excited for both events as they are great opportunities for fun and fellowship. The trailer was overflowing with stuff and the forecast was cloudy with just a chance of rain (MUCH better than was expected earlier this week). Today's weather is supposed to be fine as well. So I invite you to put on your “I am St. Matthew’s” pin if you have one and enjoy this weekend together. Together, at the yard sale, we raised money for those in need and together, on Sunday, we will worship and play and swim and share a meal with one another at the Clark’s. To me, this weekend shows what St. Matthew’s is all about. Thank you for being such a loving and outreaching community of faith.   Peace, Nancy  
  • Daily Meditation June 2, 2018

    The thought that has been running through my mind as I pray about the world we live in today is:   "Christ has no body but yours, No hands, no feet on earth but yours, Yours are the eyes with which he looks Compassion on this world." - Teresa of Avila (1515-82) 16th Century Roman Catholic Saint and Carmelite nun   These words seem to me, to be based significantly on Paul's teachings about Jesus. They seem to be the basis for the Jesus Movement. They also seem to be grandiose and not related to where we are here in the Goffstown area. So, if we are to be part of that movement, the question arises, "How can we be the Jesus Movement here where we live?   One answer might be to get involved in the Poor People's Campaign's 40 Days of Moral Action being led here in New Hampshire by our friend Rev. Jason Wells. The Campaign makes the 3 demands of:   1) eliminate Systemic Racism 2) eliminate Ecological Devastation 3) shift resources from the War Economy and Militarism to domestic uses   For more information, see   Participating in this campaign has made me feel like I'm doing something for the betterment of the world right here in NH.   How will you become part of the Jesus Movement?   James McKim
    James McKim
  • Daily Meditation June 1, 2018

    "Where two or three people gather in my name, I am there with them.” Matthew 18:20   St. Matthew's has several committees, all of which are needed to help run an organization full of so many people and purposes. The one committee that is the most visible to the community is that of outreach. The outreach committee meets at various times throughout the year but is the busiest when it's Yard & Bake Sale time. Tomorrow, Saturday June 2, will be a time where we gather to help support the efforts of outreach in our community.Tomorrow will be a time where (hopefully more than!) two or three people will be gathered in the name of Jesus. We will gather to give our hands and hearts, caring for whose life circumstances have been made difficult for a time. Please consider coming to help out. We start unloading the trailer early at 6am, but would also appreciate a couple of hours of help throughout the day to help with sales and reorganizing items. Finally we start cleaning up at 1pm. Many hands gathered together make light work, benefit the community, and give volunteers a sense of purpose in Christ's teachings.   Blessings, Kelly Kennerson
    Kelly Kennerson
  • Daily Meditation May 31, 2018

    The news has been full of so many stories recently that ask for some follow up thoughts. This was my favorite – the US televangelist who asked his followers to help fund his fourth private jet - because Jesus wouldn't be riding a donkey. I had the news on while cleaning up after supper and the kids were doing their thing. When I heard the story starting I turned it up and loved their reactions as they watched it. When the televangelist said God spoke to him and told him to buy the $54 million jet, one child said “God spoke to you, my butt.” (Except that’s not exactly what was said, but this is a church meditation!) I was glad to hear the skepticism toward the preacher and happy in the knowledge that St. Matthew’s has educated my kids to know who Jesus was. Nowhere in their understanding of Jesus is that he would approve of a private jet at the cost of $54 million. It did get me wondering for fun – it’s true Jesus probably wouldn’t be riding a donkey today, but what would he be riding? I figured a bicycle or moped when wandering alone, but probably the bus or train when attending to his ministry. After all, wasn’t Jesus all about the people and being amongst them? I don’t imagine him flying solo in a jet. What about you?   Kelly Kennerson
    Kelly Kennerson
  • Daily Meditation May 30, 2018

    Today is Heirloom Seeds Day. What are heirloom seeds? These are seeds that carry a history, a legacy and lore. History-loving gardeners have preserved clippings, cultivars or seeds from certain plants for many generations. Today marks the day gardeners use the seeds to bring what has been into the here and now. The seeds produce new life shaped by both their history and the environment of today.   What history, legacy, or lore helps describe you? Are Jesus’ teachings part of your history? Imagine that you are a seed planted in the world today. What will your life sow?   James McKim (reprinted from May 2014)
    James McKim
  • Daily Meditation May 29, 2018

    Recently I have been more concerned with poverty and its effect on people - possibly because many of us are not many steps away from needing assistance many times in our lives. Statistics just released in Massachusetts show significant increases of children living at or below the poverty level. Springfield, Massachusetts lists as 1 in 5 children in that range!   In This Time, the spring newsletter of H.O.M.E., in Maine (a part of the Emmaus movement) these writings are worth meditating about:   "We must talk about poverty, because people insulated by their own comfort lose sight of it." Dorothy Day   "Poverty is not made by God, it is created by you and me when we don't share what we have." Mother Theresa   and   "Curious" A poem about poverty by Donna Beegle   I find myself more late with every crisis more anygry with every injustice more greedy with every deprivation more rude with every judgement more disorganized with every eviction more negative with every untreated illness more unstable with every insecurity   I find myself more civil with every bite more respectful with every kindness more hopeful with every change more grateful with every opportunity more ready to learn when I am safe more motivated when there is hope more happy when I am valued   I find myself like the 37 million people in poverty responding in very human ways to my environment   Thanks be to the Goffstown Network Food Pantry for doing the school backpack program and to all who contribute to it. Praise God for the inspiration to do right works.   Gayle Feick  
    Gayle Feick
  • Daily Meditation May 28, 2018

    Lord God Almighty, whose only Son sought not to preserve his life but to make the ultimate sacrifice so that we might have abundant life, we remember this day the personal sacrifices made by many of our fellow citizens in the service of their country. On this day we pause, however briefly, to remember and recall those who gave the last measure of their lives for their faith, their country and their fellow compatriots in arms. The record of their courage is in the hands of history and the vestige of their lives is at rest in our memories. Grant that we and all the citizens of this land may have the grace to honor their good deeds as in righteousness we strive for peace among all the people of God's creation. Remembering their sacrifice, we rededicate ourselves to the tradition of courage that you, our Lord, have instilled in us. Give us a deep sense of reverence for life that is tempered by a passionate desire for justice. Continue in us the valor of those who have woven this tradition into the fabric of our country. This we pray in the name of the one God who creates, redeems and sustains. AMEN.   Bishop James Magness, Canon for Armed Services and Federal Ministries May 19, 2014 Prayer for Memorial Day 
    Bishop James Magness


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