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Thoughts on Saints and Holy Ones

I love stained glass windows, especially ones in churches. In one parish we attended there were a series of windows depicting the Saints, St. John, St. Luke, St. Mark, St. Matthew, Mary and Joseph, but my favorite thing about these windows was the picture of a mouse tucked into the corner of one of the windows. Shining amid the great Saints was a little church mouse. There are many large stained glass saints, the ones we know and admire as the love of God shines through them it us. It's fun to read the stories of their lives, in fact the Episcopal Church has a calendar full of them, and a book (Holy Women, Holy Men, Celebrating the Saints) that will tell you all about them. There are other saints, hidden saints, the little mouse saints, that shine the light of God's love into our lives. On All Saint's day (Nov. 1st) we remember the saints, big and little. There are many ways to do this, create a list of the people in your lives that have made God's love present to you, read the story of a "Big" saint, tell the story of how someone has shown God's love to you, or plan a way to surprise someone in a way that will help them know they are loved by God and by you, or read a book. Here are some to get your started.

Some books about the Saints:

  1. The Gifts of Christmas Mark Bernthal- Lyrick Publishing (St. Francis)
  2. I Sing a Song of the Saints of God Lesbia Scott, Judith Gwyn Brown - Morehouse Publishing (A Hymn, Learn the music and sing it with the book)
  3. Cathedral Mouse Kay Chorao E.P. Dutton Publishers
  4. Patrick Patron Saint of Ireland Tomie dePaola- Holiday House
  5. St. Francis, Brian Wildsmith - Eerdman's
  6. Kings and Queen for God Carol Greene- Augsburg Books
  7. Explorers for God Nathan Aaseng - Augsburg Books
Thursday, November 1, 2012
Linnae Peterson, M. Div.