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Thoughts on Finding God in the Poison Ivy

I'm not much of a gardener, or if you ask my friends, any kind of a gardener. Plants on my watch, turn up their toes as quickly as possible. Yet, I love to observe them. I admire their tenacity and ingenious ways of surviving against all odds. I find myself admiring the oddest types of plants, the raspberry vines that are waging a battle to take over the lawn, the fungus doing its best to turn the old branches into soil, even the poison ivy. Now, I'm no fan of poison ivy, I'm very allergic to it and do my best to steer clear of it, but, think about it. The roots of the poison ivy can snake for meters sending out shoots anywhere it can find sun and moisture. The leaves can be beautiful and the oil can protect it from most any animal that might think it is an amazing snack. So if you stop and look, take a step back, you can see the wonders of creation in just about any corner of the world. Perhaps this weekend would be a good time to take your kids for a walk and see if you can find the treasure's God has hidden in your neighborhood.


Gnats? Dandelions? Maybe even poison ivy? Just don't touch it!

Thursday, May 24, 2012
The Reverend William Exner