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Thoughts on Christmas Stories

I love Christmas story books. I've been known to buy 3 or 4 new ones every year. I find it fascinating how each book puts a new spin on the story. In fact the story of Jesus birth is only briefly touched upon in two of the Gospels, Matthew (1:18-2:12) and Luke (2:1-20). The Christmas story books expand on these short stories and give us a new perspective. I can still remember most of Who is coming to our House?, along with my husband's masterful voices that made each animal sound different. In a way that is the wonder of these storybooks, each one gives a new voice to the story of Jesus, each one opens a door through which we can see God among us in a new way. So here are a few to get you started. Also try out the Library for others and there are a number in the children's books by the back pew at St. Matthew's, feel free to borrow some to try out at home.

Some Christmas stories to enjoy:

1.      Who is Coming to Our House?   Joseph Slate, Ashley Wolff   Sandcastle Books

2.      The Donkey's Christmas Story Nancy Tafuri Scholastic

3.      The First Christmas Tomie dePaola - Putnam and Sons

4.      Wombat Divine Mem Fox- Trumpet Books

5.      The Gifts of Christmas Mark Bernthal- Lyrick Publishing

6.      The Baker's Dozen Aaron Shepard - Atheneum

7.      Marta and the Manger Straw Virginia Kroll- Zondervan

8.      The Give-Away Ray Buckley- Abingdon Press (Native American Christmas)

9.      The Christmas Ship Dean Morrissey- Harper Collins

10.   The Night of Las Posadas Tomie dePaola- Penguin Putnam Press

Thursday, December 13, 2012
Linnae Peterson, M. Div.