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Thoughts on Chaos

There are some things that just drive me up the wall. It's a given. My kids know every way to push my buttons as well. I'm sure you have those buttons as well. Dirty dishes left on the table. Wet towels on the bathroom floor, waiting till the very last minute to tell you they need a ride to some activity or supplies for the Social Studies project. The same thing happens with those I work with, when all my plans get thrown up into the air and I'm up against a deadline. It's chaos. I don't do well with chaos. I like my orderly life. Yet my life, my life in faith, needs that chaos, it needs shaking up, it needs that challenge to see beyond what is going on here and now. I need to encounter the grace all around me. To see others with the eyes of Christ, to have patience with the grumpy clerk at the store, and my panicked child as they try to meet all the expectations that adult have of them, and my co-worker who just can't seem to figure out the steps for the next project and to have patience with myself. For me, much of patience means getting out or myself. I can be more patience, more loving when I am most aware of Christ's presence here, now within me. Being aware of God's love and compassion for me, is the best way I know to accept the chaos and brings to see others with the compassion and love that Christ has for them. Being intimately aware of Jesus love for you in the chaos,  may you see others with God's love.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013
Linnae Peterson, M. Div.