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Thoughts on Being Church

Church was not part of my childhood. I stumbled onto Jesus in my early teens and went looking for others who knew something about God. Gratefully and graciously, I wandered into a community that was willing to take in an enthusiastic teen. As much as I've come to love the stained glass and the hymns and the organ music, the heart and soul of church are those who gather to seek God. We are seekers on the way. The wonderful thing is that as we are looking for God, God is looking for us, coaxing us, cajoling us into God's embrace. The gathering together of those seeking God enables us to learn from each other, support each other, laugh together and cry together and vent the inevitable frustrations that life gives us. We have the opportunity to give that gift of community to our children as well. Not only be going to church on a Sunday morning but by spending time with others who are seeking to know God. So take some time to come to worship on Sunday morning, and take some time to get to know another family on Sunday afternoon. Take time to talk to someone you do not know well at coffee hour. Be brave and share part of your journey with Christ. For wherever two or three are gathered, God is there.

Thursday, September 27, 2012
Linnae Peterson, M. Div.