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Thoughts on The Baptismal Splash Zone

A priest I know always cautions those near the baptismal font that they are in the "Baptismal Splash Zone". Everyone within that zone may get wet! In a way, we are all in the Baptismal Splash Zone, all of us may get wet.  In fact we can only hope that is true, that not only will we be affected but all those around us. The effects of our baptism should send waves through our lives and the lives of all those around us. As we get ready for Easter, we can also bring out some things to help us remember our baptism and those of our family members. Here are a few tangible times to bring help you remember.

-Baptismal gown- If you have one, put it somewhere it can be seen. Use it as a chance to tell your kids why baptism is important to you, and what it means to you.

-Photos- Any photo's of baptisms in your family. Talk about who was there and what the day was like.

-Godparents-Be sure your children know who their Godparents are and why they are important. Send a card to both your Godparents and your children's godparents.

-Look at the Baptismal Covenant- With older children, discuss what those promises mean and look at ways to live them out during Eastertide (the 50 days after Easter, this year through Pentecost, May 19th).

Thursday, March 21, 2013
Linnae Peterson, M.Div.