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Thoughts on Adult Faith Part 1 'Reflective Faith'

As we move out of our parents homes and strike out on our own, young adults try on many hats. Views on politics, life style, and what kind of coffee they like can change with the wind. New experience and relationships give an opportunity to look at the world through new eyes. As we forge friendships with those of other faiths and of no faith, we can see our own faith through different eyes. Questioning, doubt, and reflection become part and parcel of our spiritual lives. This can be disturbing. No longer are we content to believe what we have been taught, we need to come to our own understanding of God.  As unsettling as this can be, it is also an opportunity to allow Christ to engage with us in a new way. Doubt is no longer the opposite of faith, but part of being a spiritual person. To question, to challenge, to seek understanding and wrestle with God, deepens our relationship with Jesus.  

Thursday, January 31, 2013
Linnae Peterson, M. Div.