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Thoughts on Adult Faith Formation and Development

I'm a sporadic writer. As the mood strikes I will sit down and write, snippets of stories, description, poems and observations will find their way into my writing. It's a great way to gather my thoughts. Looking back it is also a way to see how I have grown. As adults, we often think of ourselves as "all grown up", yet that is, hopefully, far from true. We always have the opportunity to continue to gain understanding, wisdom and become more of the person God desires us to be. Just as our children pass through stages in their development, both physically and spiritually, adults go through stages as we continue to deepen our faith.  Spiritual development is rarely linear. This is especially true with adult faith.  Unlike physical development, many people stop along the way, spending more or less time in one stage or another as their personality or situation requires. Some spiritual directors liken the spiritual life to a spiral, where we revisit similar themes and issues throughout our lives from a different perspective. In these spirals, we move both outward into community with those around us and deeper toward Christ who is the center of our being.

Thursday, January 17, 2013
Linnae Peterson, M. Div.