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Sunday March 11, 2018

St. Matthew's is full of activities for your participation this coming week. At today's Sunday's "Theology Under Wraps" for our high school teens, we will be discussing the Florida school shooting and the proposed responses to it (new legislation, school walk outs, marches, etc).  Later in the afternoon is a "Meet and Greet" at the Ambrogi's home in Manchester.  Please come and ask me any questions, let me know what you think of St. Matt's, ideas you have for its future, etc. 


We also have workshops on making a "Resurrection Garden" or "Ukrainian Easter eggs" here at St. Matt's to learning about suicide prevention, race issues in NH, active bystander and active shooter trainings to a quiet day. It's all good and some events are at the same time as others.  So, "read, mark, and inwardly digest" the offered programs and look at your schedules and do what your time and interest permit.  


It's always good to learn something new, to grow in your faith, and act on your convictions.  And, if you do attend an event, I'm always interested in hearing what you learned and how that information could benefit St. Matt's.


Peace, Nancy

Sunday, March 11, 2018