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Friday February 9, 2018

"She said ... I treat my body like a temple. You treat yours like a tent"

- Jimmy Buffett, "Fruitcakes"


During the Prayers of the People, Form VI, we pray "For the just and proper use of your creation". Previously, when hearing this prayer, I would think about things like the environment, pollution, and recycling. Lately, though, it has occurred to me that, out of the whole entire universe, there is one part of God's creation that is mine alone to manage - my body. Hectic days, a full schedule and a busy family have often meant that I don't always eat as well as I should or get enough exercise or sleep. I am trying, now, to make proper use of this piece of God's creation.


-Leo Steffens, Vestry Member

(reprinted from February 2014)

Friday, February 9, 2018
Leo Steffens