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Daily Meditations

Sun Feb 9 2014

It's all about love today! Every year before Valentine's Day St. Matthew's fans the flames of love with readings, sermon and songs about love. Real love. Selfless love. Unconditional love. And yes there IS such a thing in this modern world. Join in by wearing something red. The Jr. Choir will lead us in the great song, "If I were a Moose and you Were a Cow, Would You Love Me Anyhow". Real love and its power is the one thing that can change us and the world for the better for good. It's right before us. It's available. Do what you can today to make yourself available to love, the real kind. Got Moose? Bring it. Got sled or a yummy dish to share? Bring it to the Mid - Winter Love Gathering at Coffee Hour. "Love is more than a hug and a kiss, love is seeing what others miss."   Rev. Wm. Exner
The Reverend William E. Exner

Sat Feb 8 2014

God willing and the snow don't fly I should arrive home today from a two day trip to Norfolk Virginia following my brother's retirement service from the U.S Navy. In his 30 years of selfless service to our nation my brother has been all over the world. During some of that timespan the world was relatively stable geopolitically, but on many occasions involving him, war and threats of war loomed. Oft times I prayed for his safety and for a path to peaceful resolution to international strife. I am proud of him and greatly relieved that he will finally be able to enjoy his home and family on an ongoing basis. I must admit though, that I felt safer knowing he was on duty, a man of faith and integrity. As he told his daughters who once asked why he was a sailor and his brother was a priest who advocated to end war, "We support each other because war is the last thing either of us wants to see." Give thanks for those who serve with peace as their goal. Sunday morning the subject is love at St. Matt's and there is a Mid- Winter Gala for sledding and wood stove fellowship from 11:30 - 2pm.   "Guide the people of this land, and of all the nations, in the ways of justice and peace: that we may honor one another and serve the common good." Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer.(BCP 388)   Rev. Wm. Exner
The Reverend William E. Exner

Fri Feb 7 2014

Aboon D'Bashmaya These words are the opening words of our Lord's Prayer -Our Father who art in Heaven - phonetically spelled from Aramaic, the language spoken by many Jews at the time of Jesus ...and probably spoken by Jesus. I came across them while Googling something else and ended up listening to several readings. Although first sounding harsh like the many angry voices on the news from the Middle East, a poetic cadence can soon be detected and reading the translation with the words provides me with a sense of calm and oneness with the billions of people and hundreds of cultures who have prayed with the same words seeking a similar end. An abbreviated form of it was in use prior to Jesus, uniting us to our Semite cultural forefathers. St. Paul and the early disciples spread it through Asia Minor translating it into Greek and the many eastern Mediterranean languages where Christian martyrs sought its promise of solace. Ultimately, a converting Roman culture recited it in Latin and spread it via the Romance languages, including the English I say it in. After the Dark Ages, missionaries shouldered this prayer into distant cultures of Africa, East and West India and Asia where it has been translated to and prayed in hundreds of languages - all of them different to each of us, all of them heard by God. Today as you seek God's grace with The Lord's Prayer you may want to take a minute to remember this common bond you have with Christians throughout the world and throughout time.   Randy Cheyne, Vestry Member
Randy Cheyne

Thu Feb 6 2014

One Sunday last summer one of our ushers had her little boy with her.  As we came in he proudly handed each of us a little wooden cross.  I put mine in my purse and didn't think too much about it at first.  Soon, however, I began to realize that when I would reach into my purse I would often feel the little cross and it would make me smile and feel blessed.  Now the little cross goes everywhere with me.  Every time I feel it I am reminded that God is always with me.  I think of our wonderful church family at St. Matthew's and of a little boy with a beautiful smile.  I am thankful to be a part of such a loving congregation.   Susan Osburn Outreach Committee
Susan Osburn

Wed Feb 5 2014

  "And while the snow is here this brief moment, let us take a walk and see how beautiful the world is" -from children's book Snow by Cynthia Rylant   I hope you are able to enjoy the quiet beauty of the snow outside (or the loud cries of excitement from children on a snow day inside) today.  Be safe in your travels if you are out.  God's peace to you.   Kelly Kennerson Parish Administrator & Clerk of the Vestry
Kelly Kennerson

Tue Feb 4 2014

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.    Jeremiah 29:11   I am, for the most part, a pretty even-keeled, calm Mom.  This past week, I felt little flutterings of anxiety about the passage of time.  My oldest turned 16 and I attended parent night at Goffstown High School for my middle child.  How in the world will I have 2 children in high school this fall?  I know it's still 8 months away, but I feel like I'll blink and they'll be heading off for that 'first day' - a junior and a freshman.  I feel the time warp occurring. It's odd that some days stretch on for eternity yet the years are flying by.  I found the above bible reference and felt it was the best one to calm this mom's anxious feelings.  I do not have control over time or the plans for my children's future.  I can guide them, provide opportunity and give them choices, but the final decisions are theirs and I have to trust that the Lord's plans for them will lead them to a future and a hope.   Kelly Kennerson Parish Administrator and Clerk of the Vestry
Kelly Kennerson

Mon Feb 3 2014

"Don't underestimate the value of Doing Nothing, of just going along, listening to all the things you can't hear, and not bothering." -- Piglet, Pooh's Little Instruction Book, inspired by A. A. Milne   What kind of nothing can you accomplish today? Try to schedule some time to do some nothing. You may be surprised at the difference doing nothing makes.   Joan Alayne Stevens, Sr. Warden 
Joan Alayne Stevens

Sun Feb 2 2014

Today commemorates the Presentation of the Lord in the Temple. 'Presenting' one's infant child to God was a wonderful custom/observance in the Jewish faith in Jesus' time. Resembling our practice of baptism to a degree, dutiful parents like Mary and Joseph made sure to set aside a special time to bring their child to the local holy place to introduce them to God formally. What a profound thing for human beings to do! Acknowledging that our children, and each of us, owes life itself to God while commending an ongoing relationship with God for ever and ever. This account encourages us to stay in touch with our parental spiritual duties while assuring us and our children that The Giver of Life and Lover of Souls is accessible here on earth - will guide and strengthen us daily from start to finish. Draw near to God with faith today, well before the Super Bowl. And don't forget to pick up your Super Bowl sub sandwiches, made by our Youth Group during Coffee Hour. (Soul food and bowl food).   Faithfully, Rev. Wm. E. Exner
The Reverend William E. Exner

Sat Feb 1 2014

"Happy are they whose strength is in You... Happy are they who put their trust in you." (Psalm 84)   Wake up to Saturday, February 1! Really, when did that happen? I still grapple with the fact that it is 2014 already; so if you're anything like me, I guess we both need to get more fully into the game. It was a long, cold January in New Hampshire this year, but it looks like we pulled through. The Ground Hog should be making an appearance soon and pitchers and catchers report for Spring Training in just a couple weeks as daylight lengthens incrementally.   To be sure there is a rhythm to our lives and neither groundhogs nor major leaguers are the source of that beat. They and we in our ways respond to that emerging underlying rhythm - God's heartbeat on running time. Trust in God's rhythm. Draw strength from this grace before you every morning - this morning.   St. Matthew's invites you and your friends to worship, fellowship, and joy this Sunday at 8 and 10 am. Sunday School starts at 10 am, the nursery is staffed, the Spirit bright, and the coffee is hot.   Rev. Wm. Exner
The Reverend William E. Exner


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