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Daily Meditations

Tue Sep 17 2013

Father in Heaven, I pray today for all people, throughout the world whose lives are afflicted by war, unrest, and improper governance. Please help me to recognize that they are all individuals, like me who love and dream and age and need just like me. I pray that their oppressors may see your light, give up their earthly ways, and find true divine guidance. Please help me to recognize a new means of helping those less safe than I and multiply my efforts with your grace. Amen.   -Randy Cheyne Vestry Member 
Randy Cheyne

Sun Sep 15 2013

Great Day! Awaken to what I think is really the first day of the week. Sunday, God's day, God first. Honor it with a little reflection, perhaps some physical stretching or a brisk walk now that there is a hint of fall in the air. Consider going on the Community CROP Hunger Walk in Goffstown two Sundays from now. Give thanks for your breakfast today, your home and community of faith. Count your many blessings.  Rev. Wm. Exner, Rector at St. Matthew's
The Reverend William Exner

Sat Sep 14 2013

"The Lord Looks Down from Heaven Upon Us All..." ( Psalm 14) It is Saturday and the sun is considering a rare guest appearance of late. Get up and roll out of the rack. Take a look outside and note a hint of fall orange. The great show of nature in N.H. is about to begin. The Lord is looking down from Heaven according to psalm 14. I don't question our Maker one bit for admiring good work this time of year in New England. Tomorrow, Sunday, the Lord's Day, closer inspection from above will reveal 8 am worship, a Parish Breakfast from 8:45-9:30 followed by Sunday School, Nursery and Holy Worship with Choir at 10am. The psalm goes on to say, "to see if there is any who is wise, if there is one who seeks for God." I pray that one is you. Blessings this Sunday! Rev. Wm. Exner, Rector at St. Matthew's
The Reverend William Exner

Fri Sep 13 2013

Singing with our Choir and offering my talents to our Second Sunday Folk Services brings me joy and a spiritual connection with others. I am very thankful that our church provides so many opportunities for our spiritual development. Have you ever had the opportunity to meditate on the text of a piece while listening to it being sung? St. Augustine is credited with the statement "When you sing, you pray twice." I wonder how much that prayer is multiplied when you have taken the opportunity to think about the text and are prayerful while listening. This Sunday, we will sing Paul Christiansen's setting of "Create in Me a Clean Heart, O God." Verse 1: "Send forth thy light and thy love, O Lord. Fill my heart with thy Holy Spirit. Lead me into thy presence and teach me to love thy ways, O Jesus. Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation, and uphold me with thy free Spirit."    Verse 2: "Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me. Cast me not away from thy presence and take not thy Holy Spirit from me. Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation, and uphold me with thy free Spirit."   What do these texts mean to you? I encourage you to think about it and bring your musings with you on Sunday. I pray this week's anthem will resonate for you. Josh Desrochers Parish member for 8 years Senior Choir Director
Josh Desrochers

Thu Sep 12 2013

"All that the Father gives to me will come to me, and whoever comes to me I will never cast away." Top of the morning to you with the Good News from the Bible that God is with you all the way ... And then some.  Now up and Adam (or Eve) as the case may be. If you have a moment or need a spiritual break today go to, our new website, and click on 'Resources' or anything else there that floats your boat. The Lord be with you.   Rev. Exner+
The Reverend William Exner

Wed Sep 11 2013

 Wednesday, Wednesday what's your prayer? The words flow like a nursery rhyme. As you start this mid week day adventure we call Wednesday devote a minute or two to the question. "What's your prayer?" What is your prayer for yourself, your kids, someone else on your mind, something going on in the world today? I once knew a woman who wrote down her daily prayers on little slips of paper and neatly pinned them to a fancy little pillow-her 'prayer pillow'.  What might you fasten to your pillow today? Wednesday, Wednesday what's your prayer? Rev. Exner+
The Reverend William Exner

Tue Sep 10 2013

"He's not the kind you have to wind up on Sunday's." - Ian Anderson   It's easy to put God into a box - one that we visit on the Sabbath. Take a wafer, a sip and a little forgiveness and off we go to a weekend interrupted. But God follows us home, to school, and to work, watching over us - just as we pray that God watches over our loved ones. Remind yourself - to allow God into your heart and God will be with you always. God is next to you right now, enjoying your response to this meditation, hoping you will take a deep breath, symbolically bringing God within yourself. Take that deep breath....and smile....and let God know you and work through you - today and every day.   -Randy Cheyne Vestry Member
Randy Cheyne

Mon Sep 9 2013

I've spent too much time of late on the end of a paint brush trying to finish up those things that didn't get done earlier in the summer. Painting gives me lots of time to think and to try and solve the world's problems. Believe it or not, I think that I've come up with the solution! I've decided that it is really very simple---the Golden Rule!   If we all treated each other with love and respect, the way we want to be treated, the way God wants us to treat each other, we wouldn't have any problems! I know that the world is not going to jump up and say "Great Idea!" "Let's do it!"   But, if each of us in our own little corner of the world tries to live by the Golden Rule (Do unto others as you would have them do to you.) we will know that we are doing our best to make this world a better place. Susan Osburn Chair of St. Matthew's Outreach Committee
Susan Osburn

Sun Sep 8 2013

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! Go Patriots! Go Red Sox! Go to worship soon too! One of the funniest things I heard recently was the report that a very old and loyal Cleveland Browns fan had one last request, that the pallbearers at his funeral be members of the team. He then joked, "I will finally rest in peace with God knowing it's the last time the Browns will let me down." What a witty way of saying that no matter how deep our loyalty for things temporal, what we really yearn for is that sense of peace that the world simply cannot give. Yes I'm pulling for the Sox and rooting for the Patriots later today, but first I remember that Sunday is God's Day. Wherever you are this morning remember whose day it really is and that God is crazy about you, your most loyal fan! And though secular sportscasters often describe joyful athletes as 'pointing to the sky' after a touchdown or homerun, we know better. How about you today? Find your way to point to God, hopefully starting at St. Matt's. Offered by Rev. Wm. Exner
The Reverend William Exner

Sat Sep 7 2013

It is Saturday morning, time to awaken and do some things that YOU would like to do today. Perhaps you will devote some time to read or walk or watch a sporting event. (Go Sox! Go Patriots! Go kid's teams!) Maybe you will offer your regular shift as a Network Food Pantry Volunteer or VolunTeen, or put in a couple hours at the Clothing Center. Perhaps you will visit a friend or take in a movie or fix the car, do the laundry or vacuum the house with part of this day. Maybe like me you regularly work a few hours on Saturdays before heading home for some time with your family. It's Saturday in the fall in New England. Balance it, take in the crisp morning air and color display as it unfolds before you. These are but some of God's ways of flirting with you - inviting you to pause, give thanks and reboot. St. Matthew's invites you to deepen your relationship with the Holy come Sunday. Come as you are. Bring a friend. Bring a prayer. -Rev. Wm. Exner+
The Reverend William Exner


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