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Daily Meditation May 10, 2018

"All of life becomes a liturgy” Count Nicolaus Ludwig von Zinzendorf


I remember reading somewhere that each moment of our lives can help us connect to God’s presence in us:


Our awakening in the morning begins our life that day, it is our birth in Christ;

our morning shower brings us to our baptism and the washing away of our sin;

we break our fast and connect with the wonders that God has made;

we work and remember that God has given us the gifts and talents that we use each day.


You get the idea.


Zinzendorf left his home in what is now Germany and eventually came to Pennsylvania. His focus on a personal relationship and the connection of all Christians had ruffled feathers wherever he went. Yet he has left a lasting imprint on the Moravian Church that he helped found and on our understanding of what it means to live our lives “in Christ.”


As you go through your life today, take a moment to consider how your actions connect with your life of faith. 


Linnae Peterson, M.Div.

Thursday, May 10, 2018
Linnae Peterson, M.Div.