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Daily Meditation June 4, 2018



At the Yard Sale last Saturday, one little girl who was sitting with me at the Bling Table asked what my pin said. I read it to her: "I am St. Matthews." She looked up at me and said "You are St. Matthews?" I told her I am St. Matthews and so is she; and so is her sister; and so is her mother; and so is everyone here.


She seemed a little taken aback so we continued talking about how we could be St. Matthews. We talked about going to church, what we learn there and how we take what we learn out into the world and why. I think she got it in her own way. But her message was really for me. It made me think about how I am St. Matthews and how I could be better at it. I know that I need to be present at St. Matthews every Sunday to refuel in order to be a better person and to share love and loving kindness as I make my way.


How are you St. Matthews?


Joan Alayne Stevens

Monday, June 4, 2018
Joan Alayne Stevens