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Daily Meditation June 3, 2018

This weekend is a BIG weekend for St. Matt’s - our yard sale was yesterday and Mass on the Grass is this morning at 10am (regular worship at 8am in the church). I was excited for both events as they are great opportunities for fun and fellowship. The trailer was overflowing with stuff and the forecast was cloudy with just a chance of rain (MUCH better than was expected earlier this week). Today's weather is supposed to be fine as well. So I invite you to put on your “I am St. Matthew’s” pin if you have one and enjoy this weekend together. Together, at the yard sale, we raised money for those in need and together, on Sunday, we will worship and play and swim and share a meal with one another at the Clark’s. To me, this weekend shows what St. Matthew’s is all about. Thank you for being such a loving and outreaching community of faith.


Peace, Nancy


Sunday, June 3, 2018