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Daily Meditation June 17, 2018

Today is Fathers’ Day and we will be blessed AT OUR 9AM SERVICE to hear from three fathers/grandfather about faith and fatherhood: Mike Domingue, Leo Steffens, and Dennis Tennett. 


One of the intercessions in the Lutheran liturgy this Sunday is this prayer for fathers and father figures:


O Most High, your steadfast love and faithfulness sustain your people. Bless fathers and all father figures with such love and faithfulness that children flourish and grow in uprightness and joy. Bless those who long to be fathers and those for whom this day is difficult. Hear us, O God. Your mercy is great.


For many, it is easy and joyful to celebrate fathers. For others, as this prayer acknowledges, “it’s complicated.” And if we are honest, our most intimate relationships can be complicated - at least at times.


What does love look like at those times? What is the loving way to be in relationship that honors “loving yourself” and the other? 


I thank God for all the father figures in my life in addition to my own father. They have taught me what “steadfast love and faithfulness” look like.


Peace, Nancy

Sunday, June 17, 2018