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May 3, 2018 Parish News

Mast Palm Sunday 2
St. Matthew's
Episcopal Church
The Rev. Dr. Nancy Vogele, Rector
Office Hours:
Tu/Th 9:30-12:30pm
Wed 9:30-1:30pm
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All people of faith are welcome to receive Holy Communion at the Lord's Table.
Readings for this Sunday:
Acts 10:44-48
Psalm  98
Epistle 1 John 5:1-6
Gospel John 15:9-17
  Thank you for your ministry this week:
Sandra Jones
Randy Cheyne
Pam Cheyne
Kevin Battey
Jessie Reed
Sara Reed
Chris Calhoun
Benge Ambrogi
Don Kelchner
Natalie Sennett
Sarah Ambrogi
Coffee Hour
Angie Battey
Important Dates
May 6 - Worship 8 & 10am w/Sunday School
-  Outreach meeting 11:15am. Come help plan the yard sale! 
 - Jr. Choir rehearsal 11:30-Noon
May 13 - 8am worship, 10am Family Folk Mass (no Sunday School)
May 17 - Vestry meeting 7pm
May 19 - CCC Volunteer luncheon 12:30-2pm
May 20 - Worship 8 & 10am w/Sunday School
 - Parish Breakfast served 8:45-9:30am (Last one of the program year!)
 - Social Justice meeting 11:15am
 - Open House at the home of Lynn & Nancy 1-4pm. 75 Hamblet St., Manchester
May 23 - Calendar planning for the next program year 5:30pm.
May 27 - Worship 8 & 10am w/Sunday School
June 2 - Annual Outreach Yard & Bake Sale from 8-1pm, Volunteers needed in shifts 6am-2pm.
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In Our Prayers
Get Well and God Bless
John, Judith Anne, Richard, Lloyd, Eryn, Eileen, Pat, Eleanor, Judy 
Birthdays Known to Us
Paul Calhoun
Dan Buck
Jody  Auger
Leigh Ann Shriver
Gayle Feick
Ariel Nieman
Anniversaries Known to Us
Victor & Sarah Cotugno
Weekly Offerings
 AA meetings held in the church undercroft 8:30pm
Group Meditation 7-8:30 in the Parish House for further information please visit 
SHINE Program - for seniors 10:30-11:45am
Bible Chat - Noon-1pm 
Sr. Choir Rehearsal - 7-8:30pm
Food Pantry - Wednesday 6:00-8:00 pm and Saturday 10:00-noon
Community Clothing Center hours- 
Tuesday 11:00-2:00pm, Wednesday 6:00-8:00 pm, Thursday 3-5pm and Saturday 10:00am-Noon
Parish Notes - May 3, 2018
I will be away this weekend on retreat and Bill Gannon has graciously agreed to take the services for me. Thank you, Bill.
My retreat is in Vershire, Vermont at Pema Osel, a Buddhist retreat center.  There, I will get to learn from Pema Chodron, an amazing and renowned Buddhist teacher.  You might be wondering why a Christian (and Episcopal priest at that) would go on a Buddhist retreat.  Well, I have never found any conflict between Buddhism and my Christian faith.  Reading books by Pema Chodron or Thich Nhat Hanh or others actually helps strengthen my Christian faith as they always give me new insight and understanding - in ways I don't always get when I go on a retreat or read within my tradition.
That's also why I subscribe to the Harvard Business Review.  Their articles really help me think in new ways about our life together and how to create a healthy and robust community.  I am amazed at how relevant HBR articles are and how little "translating" I actually need to do to apply it to Christian community and the church.  Reading about leadership development or strategic planning or engaging better with customers all help me think in new ways about how I, as rector, can serve St. Matt's (and other parishesbefore St. Matt's) to the utmost of my ability.
So, if you find all this intriguing (or confusing), seek me out and I am happy to share more.
Peace, Nancy
You will receive another email from St. Matthew's Church tomorrow with the link to our late spring/summer edition of The Matthean. It has many important dates for May and June with end of year programming as well as some information for the summer.

Thank you!
Once again, thanks to all of you, we made it happen! Saint Matthew's grounds have a new look: freshly raked, free of sticks, leaves, snowplow debris and ready for the spring flowers to bloom. Our road crew gathered 42 bags of litter from our section of Mast Road all the way from Shirley Park to the Hillsborough County Nursing Home and it too is ready for the grass to grow and dandelions to bloom. Spring is busting out all over, thanks to you and your amazing ministry of environmental stewardship.
Happy Beale and Bob Jones, Sharon Benard Roadside Cleanup Coordinators
Angie Battey, Parish Grounds Coordinator

The Community Clothing Center announces a Teacher Appreciation Day sale on May 8. All teachers will receive 50% off their total sale that day. Please stop by the CCC to support its mission with your purchases and donations. For more information about the CCC, see

One Volunteer Needed at the CCC
A person is needed as a Key Person (shift leader) on the 2nd Thursday of each month 3-5pm.  The Key Person opens, handles the cash sales and justifies the money, supervises the volunteers and closes. Training and support are provided.   
Please contact the office or Sharon or Joan Alayne for more information. Thank you!

We will be holding Renewal Workshops on May 5th at Christ Church in Exeter and May 12th at St. Andrew's in New London. These Workshops are for wardens, treasurers, vestry members, and ministry directors to help you envision how your church can follow where God is going ahead of you and to learn from each other about your roles in church leadership. For more information, and to register for a workshop follow the link HERE.
Rector The Rev. Dr. Nancy Vogele
Parish Administrator Kelly Kennerson
St. Matthew's Church   7 N. Mast   Goffstown, NH 03045
office phone: 603-497-2003  
Office Hours: Tues & Thurs 9:30-12:30pm, Wed 9:30-1:30pm