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March 22, 2018 Holy Week News

St. Matthew's
Episcopal Church
The Rev. Dr. Nancy Vogele, Rector
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Tu/Th 9:30-12:30pm
Wed 9:30-1:30pm
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8am Rite I- quiet, spoken
10am Rite II - with music, choirs, nursery care, Sunday School, & coffee hour
All people of faith are welcome to receive Holy Communion at the Lord's Table.
Sunday Readings
March 25
Isaiah 50:4-9a
Psalm 31:9-16
Phillippians 2:5-11
Mark 14:15-47
  Thank you for your ministry this Sunday:
David Betz
Jay Hunter
Randy Cheyne
Pam Cheyne
Sharon Benard
Stephen Battey
Gregory Wells
Dylan Steffens
James McKim
Linnae Peterson
Melanie Sherwood
Chris Calhoun
Nancy Nichols
Bill Gannon


Coffee Hour
Nancy Clark
Important Dates
March 22 - Last of the lenten series program, simple supper 6-7pm, program 7-8:30pm
March 24 - Altar Guild clean up 10am-noon. All are welcome to help prepare the sanctuary for Holy Week and Easter.
March 25 - Palm Sundayworship 8 & 10am, no Sunday School
March 29 - Maundy Thursday worship 7pm
March 30 - Good Fridayworship 7pm
March 31 - Holy Saturday/
Great Easter Vigil 7:30pm
April 1 - Easter Worship 8am9:15am, & 11am
April 8 - Worship 8am & Family Sunday worship 10am
April 11 - Diocesan Safe Church Training, pre-registration required, 6-9pm.
April 12 - Book group meets to discuss Two Dogs and a Parrot7pm
April 15 - Worship 8 & 10am w/Sunday School
 Parish Breakfast served 8:45-9:30am
  Social Justice meeting 11:15am
  Collection for weekend backpack food program
  Loose offering for the discretionary fund to assist those in need.
- Theology Under Wraps for high school youth 12:30-2 at Nadeau's subs
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Weekly Offerings
 AA meetings held in the church undercroft 8:30pm
Group Meditation 7-8:30 in the Parish House for further information please visit 
SHINE Program - for seniors 10:30-11:45am
Bible Chat - Noon-1pm 
Sr. Choir Rehearsal - 7-8:30pm
Food Pantry - Wednesday 6:00-8:00 pm and Saturday 10:00-noon
Community Clothing Center hours- 
Tuesday 11:00-2:00pm, Wednesday 6:00-8:00 pm, Thursday 3-5pm and Saturday 10:00am-Noon
Holy Week Notes - March 22, 2018
Holy Week and Easter are almost here and there is a lot of buzz here at church as various ministries get ready to do their part to prepare.  Linnae and Paul Peterson met with me last week to go over all the liturgical mechanics of each service in Holy Week and Easter as well as brainstorm with me about hymns.  Today Dave Greiner was over collecting acolyte robes and cinctures to make sure they are clean for these important services.  On Saturday morning, altar guild members - and anyone else who wants to help - will be gathering from 10 to noon to "cleanse the Temple" (ie, polish the brass, etc.).  Kelly is cranking out bulletins while also making sure - among many other things - that the palms (which arrived a few days ago) are kept in water so that they still look nice on Sunday.  I am working out the details of the dramatic reading of the Passion Narrative, including who will have what role and where everyone will stand so as to be near a microphone!  Details, details.
And I'm sure you have your own activities and "chores" to do to prepare for Easter celebrations.  Here's a thought that came to me as I was deep in the details:  while all the preparations are important, let us not forget WHY we are preparing.  We are preparing ourselves, our homes, and our church to celebrate LIFE!  We are getting ready to walk with Jesus through this most difficult and holy week because that's how life often comes to us - through heart ache and pain.
So let us prepare and then let us be present, trusting that God will bring us to new life just as God did for Jesus.
Peace, Nancy

Holy Week Services

Maundy Thursday - 7pm
Good Friday - Noon at the Goffstown Congregational Church, The Seven Last Words of Christ presented by the Goffstown Clergy Association
Good Friday - 7pm, Prayer Book Liturgy with Stations of the Cross
Easter Vigil - 7:30pm
Easter Sunday
8am - Rite I Quiet, simple, spoken worship
9:15am - Rite II with the Jr. Choir and egg hunt
11:00am - Rite II with the Sr. Choir

Altar Guild Clean Up - March 24

All are welcome to come to church Saturday March 24 from 10am-Noon to prepare the sanctuary for Holy Week. Many hands make light work of sweeping out the sand & salt, wiping down the pews, and polishing the brass & silver. We look forward to your help.

Ukrainian Easter Egg Workshop on Sunday, March 25th after coffee hour 12:30-2:30pm. Led by Rev. Nancy Vogele, the cost is $5 to cover supplies.
Email to reserve a spot.

Book Group - April 12, 7pm

There are books available to borrow if you'd like to join in the book group to discuss Two Dogs and a Parrot: What Our Animal Friends Can Teach Us About Life. If you can't finish the book, join us in discussion anyway! All are welcome.
Rector The Rev. Dr. Nancy Vogele
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