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Welcome Friends

Those who have been around St. Matthew’s from 5 years to 5 generations know this church has a broad representation ranging from Manchester, Bow, New Boston, Bedford, Goffstown and beyond. We are blessed with thoughtful minds, diverse backgrounds and progressive spirits.  This combination of people in a parish affords opportunities for deep and lasting friendships to develop over time. A number of programs and events emerge.

Opportunities like book groups, outreach committee work, bible studies, dinners, discussion sessions, walking groups, golf outings, retreats, quiet days and the enjoyment of rich worship experiences exist for the asking.  Sometimes members involved in several aspects of ministry need a handy calendar of programs and events to help them keep track. St. Matt’s makes it easy with a weekly Parish Notes e-mail, a facebook friends page (St Matthews Episcopal Church Goffstown)  and a calendar on our website.

Thanks for sticking around! More to come as God works in and through us.


Can we expand our outreach?
Sure, let’s bring the idea up to our Vestry leaders. 

Can we make our church a welcoming place for young people and a place for discovering the sacred in everybody?
We’re working on it daily. That’s our job. 

Can this church become a resource for developing faith and inner strength as well as a great house of worship?
We are evolving in that direction as our spiritual life center continues to build on the sessions of Yoga, Centering Prayer, Peace Making, Book Group, Nonviolence workshops, Quiet Days, partnerships with youth support/health organizations and other resources we engage to equip people for lives of meaning and well-being.