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Welcome Families

Families with children discover a variety of opportunities and joys at St. Matthew’s Church. First of all, we know you could be anywhere else in the world on a Sunday morning, therefore we value the effort it takes to get a family dressed, fed and in the car for worship and Sunday school. We also realize that few families can make it to church every week. Work schedules, extended family commitments, sports and other activities are parts of modern life. You are welcome here whenever you can make it.  We keep the light on for you!  We want you to feel this is your family church for the long haul.


What does St. Matt’s have for children?
St. Matthew’s loves to offer baptism for your children to welcome them into the household of God. We also have a weekly Playgroup on Mondays, Sunday School each Sunday at 10 am, children’s music programs, plays, youth orchestra, intergenerational worship second Sundays, a great nursery, a Youth Group and more. 

What does St. Matt’s offer parents?
Our sermons, weekly e-news, newsletters and occasional discussion groups offer parents everything from practical parenting ideas and faith building within the household to opportunities to get to know other parents, also to seek out the wisdom of the clergy and diocesan resources to help equip parents for the ministry of raising whole, happy children. 

Are there events for families with kids?
From cookouts and sledding parties to plays, worship together, monthly breakfasts, and community service opportunities, families are strengthened and life sweetened through involvement at St. Matthew’s. 

Is there a nursery?
Yes, we have a nursery for kids under 3. We also have Sunday School for ages 4 through 8th grade.