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Bible Chat on the Virtue of Extending Hospitality to All in Christ’s Name

Hospitality and welcome to all people is a central theme in Holy Scripture. In the ancient account of Sodom and Gomorrah the real sin was the lack of hospitality extended to the three visitors God sent to the city. Welcoming the stranger was emphasized by the Prophets and Jesus himself declared hospitality a hallmark of faithful people, households and communities of faith.

Question- 1) Think of a time and place when you were welcomed and hospitality was extended. Who did this? How did they do it? How did you feel? How might you continue the trend through your life? (2) Have you experienced a time when you were made to feel unwelcomed? How did they do that? How would you change that situation if you were in charge? You are in charge.


Romans 12:1 – 21   Read verses 1 +2. What does Paul mean by ‘be transformed by God not conformed to the world…?’

Verses 3 – 8 speak of our diversity. Is it ok to have unity and diversity?

Verses 9-13 speak specifically to hospitality. What do you think hospitality means as a virtue of faith?

Verses 14 – 18 give great advice for living out of a spirit of hospitality. What are the strong points of these verses in your experience?

I Titus 1:7-9  Leaders must have a spirit of hospitality.

I Peter 4:8-11  Be hospitable to each other