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Bible Chat on Matthew’s Gospel

+What do we know about Matthew? (Matt9:9, 10:3, Mark 3:18, Luke 6:15, Acts 1:13)  He was one of the original Disciples.


+He was a tax collector for the Roman Empire, which meant he was seen as just short of a traitor in the eyes of his country men.

+Written with a Jewish/Hebrew frame of reference. Use of titles and language is a clear indicator. 75 – 90 CE.

+Purpose is to move the reader to see Jesus of Nazareth as a unique incarnation of God and to form a life affirming bond with same.

+See themes of 4:17 and 16:21 “From that time on Jesus began to…”

+internal structure- 1) 1:1 – 4:16 is the introduction about Jesus

   2)The Gospel OF Jesus ( His ministry among people) 4:17 – 16:20      +  This section includes 3 great accounts (a) Sermon on the Mount (b) Mission Explanation    (c) Parables for clarity


+ 3) Facing Jerusalem- 16:21 – 28: 20 –


Note that Jesus’ story in Matthew begins with His link to Abraham, thus establishing His legitimate tie to Judaism and the ultimate promise of God as told in Hebrew scriptural tradition. A history of salvation model is established right off which means that in the end, whenever that occurs, God will be there in grace in glory. Pre-Easter discipleship and Post-Easter Discipleship enter into the point of this testimony. ‘It is not just THAT these things happened, it has to do with WHY Jesus came to earth, that WE might become disciples too not just historians. (1:17 + 24:14, 26:12 + 13). Point is that salvation is for all and that Jesus is the link.  Matthew’s church was made up of Jewish and gentile Christians.


+Situation- Early Christians were being harassed – 10:18, 13:21, 24:9, 5:11, 10:17, 23:34, 23:34 + 35.

  1. they had broken off from traditional Judaism already (15:13, 16:18,)  Established their own polity of sorts 16:19,  18:15 – 20,  10:17 + 18, 41:23 + 34)


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