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April 27, 2017 Parish News

Mast Palm Sunday 2


St. Matthew's
Episcopal Church
The Rev. Celeste Hemingson, Interim Rector
7 North Mast Street
Goffstown, NH 03045 
Office Hours:
Tu & Th 9:30-12:30
Wed 9:30-1:30
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8am Simple, spoken worship 
10am worship with music, choirs, Sunday School, nursery care and coffee hour
All people of faith are welcome to receive Holy Communion at the Lord's Table.
Sunday Readings
April 30
Acts 2:14a, 36-41
Psalm 116:1-3, 10-17
1 Peter 1:17-23
Luke 24:13-35
  Thank you for your ministry this Sunday:
Kevin Kennerson
Sharon Benard
Jay Hunter
Stephen Battey
Dylan Steffens
Kevin Battey
Jane Doherty
David Betz
Leo Steffens
Eric Battey 
Dianne Macon
Tony Howd
Coffee Hour Hosts
Happy Beale & Bob Jones
Sally Booth
Coffee Hour hosts are needed.  Please sign up on the sheet in the Undercroft.  Contact Angie Battey with any questions.
Important Dates
April 30 - Worship 8 & 10am
& Social Justice Meeting 11:15am
May 7 - Worship 8 & 10am w/baptism
& Outreach Meeting 11:15am
& Search Team with Vestry meeting 2-5pm
May 14 - 8 & 10am Worship, Family Sunday
May 18 - Vestry Meeting 7pm, Open to all
May 21 - 8 & 10am Worship w/ baptism
& Parish Breakfast served 8:45-9:30am (last one of the program year).
May 28 - Worship 8 & 10am
June 4- Day of Pentecost Worship 8 & 10am
Click here for the monthly Calendar 
In Our Prayers
Get Well and God Bless
Dian, Bill, John, Harold, George & Phyllis, Ella Rose, Mary, Cassidy, Diana, Dede, Debra, K, John, Judith Anne, Sophia, Bill & Jane & the Exner Family
Birthdays Known to Us
Stephane Cattin
Michael Simons
Ryan Buchanan
Andrea Lingley
Niegel Dietsch
Paul Calhoun
Daniel Buck
Brittney Wright
Anniversaries Known to Us 
Lynn Scott & David Betz
Karyn & Eric Battey
Weekly Offerings
 AA meetings held in the church undercroft 8:30pm
Group Meditation 7-8:30 in the Parish House for further information please visit 
Parish Nurse 10-11:30am
SHINE Program 10:30-11:45am
Bible Chat Noon-1pm
Sr. Choir Rehearsal 7-8:30pm
Food Pantry - Wednesday 6:00-8:00 pm and Saturday 10:00-noon
Community Clothing Center hours- 
Tuesday 11:00-2:00pm, Wednesday 6:00-8:00 pm, Thursday 3-5pm and Saturday 10:00am-Noon
Food Pantry Needs
Canned Meals such as ravioli and beef stew
Baked Beans
Mac & Cheese
Canned Fruit
Personal products such as soap, shampoo, toothpaste and deodorant are also welcomed
Flower Offering
Memorial donations for altar flowers with request to include names of the dearly departed in Sunday prayers are available to all parishioners.  Please contact the office if you would like to remember a loved one in 2016.
New Resource
Faithsprouts is a blog designed to help parents, grandparents and caregivers to engage their young children with stories of the faith.  Click here to connect.
Need a Ride?

Do you or anyone you know in Goffstown need a ride to a medical or other necessary appointment? Easter Seals may be able to help! Call 668-8603 (select option 2) and ask to schedule a ride. Please call at least four days in advance, wheelchairs can be accommodated.  Service is available to people who are elderly or disabled.     



Manchester Transit Authority also offers door to door transportation to residents of Goffstown.  Available every Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 9am & 2pm.  No fare for the service but reservations are required.  Call the MTA at 623-8801 at least 1 day in advance.            

Traveling or Homebound? 


Now you can see & hear Sunday Services from St. Matthew's anytime on the internet as we continue to reach out to share God's many blessings.  


Click here to see all the recordings available for viewing. 

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Nut Allergy Alert
Everyone please be aware that several members have severe allergies to nuts at St. Matt's.  Therefore, please do not bring snacks, salads or dishes with nuts into the church or Parish House.
Interim Rector's Notes - April 27, 2017
"Are you the only stranger in Jerusalem who does not know the things that have taken place there in these days?" (Luke 24:18)


Our Gospel lesson this Sunday is the powerful story of the two grieving disciples who encounter the risen Christ on the road to Emmaus, believing Him to be a stranger until they recognize him in the breaking of bread.  Where is Christ for us when we walk the road of grief and despair? Come and join the disciples and  see what we may discover.
"See you in church,"


The office is closed today Thursday, April 27.
Bill Exner tells me that his healing continues. He is gaining strength, though still dependent on a feeding tube for nourishment. He and Jane celebrated Easter Sunday at Christ Church Cambridge with adult children who live and work in Boston. Bill expects to play golf soon, to protest the President's political priorities, to pray for peace, and to cheer for the RedSox and Bruins.  He appreciates our prayers. Celeste+

Youth Group:
It is with regret that we need to cancel the retreat.  We only had a few youth able to make it.  Look for more youth opportunities to come.  If you have any questions, please contact Angie Battey

Environmental Stewardship 
Congratulations to Benge Ambrogi and Nathaniel Sherwood!  They were the winners in our Earth Day Dumpster Dare. Thanks to all who participated. Recycling properly is a great way to be good stewards of the environment.
Thanks to all who participated in the Grounds and Road Clean-up. Many hands made light work.

Time Capsule to celebrate our 150th!
The Sunday School children have been putting together a time capsule that will be buried in the Grove on June 4, during the Sunday School Celebration.  We are going to have a little extra space in the time capsule.  If you have a small momento that you would like to include, bring it to church during May so we can include it before the capsule gets buried for 50 years!

St. Matthew's is proud to announce that parishioner Kristie Curtis is receiving a Micah Award from Granite State Organizing Project. Her dedication and efforts on behalf of the Youth of St. Matthews and The town of Goffstown are awe inspiring.


The Micah Dinner which will be held on June 10th at Holy Cross Center in Manchester will make the presentation that evening. If you are interested in attending, more information will be posted or you can ask Jean Mazarella, Barbara Carbonneau or Sue Chretien. (Sue Chretien telephone Number is 603-661-3987 or e-mail

Everyone who attends this annual program tells me how worthwhile it was.  I've attended every year, and I'm not at all surprised by their reaction. Please consider taking advantage of this free opportunity.  Celeste+"
As the deadline to register for the Lay Leadership Institute approaches, we wanted to make sure that some special groups in your congregation are aware of our offerings this year.  Specifically, the Knitting Group(s), Christian Education/Sunday School teachers, Wardens, Publicity and website managers and anyone interested in exploring a call to a larger role in the church.
The seminars listed below still have space available.
Knitters!  Knitting as Ministry and Prayer. This workshop is led by the Canon Judith Esmay and is a celebration of the mission of knitting. Knitters will come together for sharing of missions and stories. This is limited to the first 30 people on a first come, first serve basis.
Sunday School Teachers! Christian Formation; Life Long, Life Deep and Life Wide: Formation begins in childhood and continues through adulthood. This workshop will look at many types of formation including traditional education, digital options and intergenerational opportunities. 
Wardens: Wardens' Roundtable: This year's seminar will be led by Gene Garthwaite and will use as its text "Wardens as Stewards: A Call for Excellence," by William H. Hermann. Our annual Round Table offers the Wardens of our diocese opportunity to meet one another, share information and experiences.
Seekers! Discernment and Call: This seminar, led by the Rev. Canon Hannah Anderson, will begin with an exploration of call narrative in Holy Scripture and the vows made through baptism. Then we'll learn about the two-fold discernment process, involving Clearness Committees and Regional Discernment Committees.
For those churches looking to enliven and enrich their presence online and get out their messages about events and church life out to a greater audience: 
Committee Chairs, Publicity, WebMasters! Promoting Your Parish: This hands-on session will share best practices, ideas and examples of church communication. You'll spend the day building new outreach & visibility programs for your parish. Led by our Missioner of Communications and Community Engagement, Laura Simoes.
Information and the link to register can be found on the Diocesan website:
Thank you.  



In honor of St. Matthew's Church approaching 150th Anniversary, each week there will be a piece of history shared.  Did you know...
Goffstown News featured pictures of "Construction in Progress" at St. Matthews Episcopal Church on April 25, 1974. The addition is what are now the children's nursery, stairwell and two bathrooms. In the back right corner of the nursery is the credence table. Pay special attention to the heart carved in the front.  It was carved by Dan Mace, grandson of Gordon and Geraldine Hart. The addition was originally called the Gordon P. Hart Memorial Chapel. Gordon and Geraldine are descendants of W.H.H. Hart, who originally built the church. Current family members of our church include Barbara Mace (their daughter) and Bonnie Calhoun (their granddaughter). 

Search Team Status
April 2017
The Search Team that will result in the calling of a new Rector to St. Matthew's Church was announced by the Vestry in the summer of 2016. This search process is one of the most important things that this parish will do for a long time to come. Your Vestry appreciates your support of this team of dedicated parishioners. They include:
Karyn Battey, David Betz, Bonnie Calhoun, Barbara Carbonneau, Michael Domingue, Bob Jones, Roger Macon, Laeny McKahan, and Shea Sennett. In addition Abby Poison and Kathy McKim are serving as youth representatives to the Search Team. 
The 4 steps of the calling process are: 
1.  Parish Profile (our dreams, our prayers for our new Rector) 
2.  Diocese provides 8-12 applications
3.  Search teams narrows the field to 1-3
4.  Vestry selects top choice
Current status: The Search Team is currently in the process of finalizing the Parish Profile. The writing is complete and Annie Domingue is working with Mike, Bonnie, and Roger to create a beautiful presentation with lots of pictures of life at St. Matthew's. We expect the first draft to be ready for the Vestry to review in early May. After any revisions that might come from that meeting, the Profile will be posted to our web site along with the Diocese and National web sites. We then wait for applications. These will be submitted to the Diocese and a first level of filtering will be done by the Bishop's office. The Bishop's office will then forward applications to our search team for consideration. It's exciting to be about to begin this new phase of the search process. Soon we will start hearing from candidates to be our new Rector!
Search Team Prayer:  Lord God, giver of all good gifts, guide us throughout our time of transition.  Open our hearts and minds as we search for our new rector.  Empower each one of us to use our unique gifts in ministry, to share openly and honestly our thoughts, to respect the opinions of others, and to encourage humility, patience and joy.  Keep watch over the one you have chosen for us while you instill in us a vision of the Church's family; that, guided by your Holy Spirit, we will be united in love and joyfully accomplish our mission through Jesus Christ our Lord.
Stewardship -St. Matt's Needs YOUR help!

"Lord help us to be grateful for your whole creation, that we may

honor thee with our substance and be faithful stewards

of thy bounty."  (BCP pg. 329)



St Matthew's now has the ability to accept donations electronically  
There is a link on St Matthew's website that will take you directly to the St Matthew's E-Giving window or click here to DONATE . The very first you visit, you will be asked to enroll as a member - set up a user name and password and, if you wish, accept the ACH authorization to create bank account transactions. Once you are a member, you only need to log in using your user name and password.  (Note: If you specify a regular ongoing offering for a particular time frame, please consider renewing it when the time runs out. Thanks!)

"The Earth is the Lord's and all that dwells therein." (1 Corinthinian)


 Anniversary? Birthday? Thanksgiving?  Offerings for special occasions may be made by providing for worship in the following manner:


        Candles             $20.00       Sanctuary Lamp             $20.00
       Flower Offering  $35.00       Weekly Wafers/Host        $10.00
Please make checks payable to St. Matthew's Church and either put it in the Sunday Offering plate or mail it to the church office.
General Information
Historic St. Matthew's Episcopal Church is known for great liturgical music and progressive preaching in an inviting, traditional setting.  Since 1867 souls have given thanks through prayer, fellowship and sharing.  Fall worship times are at 8am (Rite I) and 10am (Rite II).
Summer worship time is 9am.  
This House of Prayer welcomes all people of faith on their spiritual journey. St. Matthew's Church is located at 7 North Mast Street in Goffstown, across from Sully's. (603) 497-2003. Check us out on the web where you can support St. Matthew's by clicking on the e-giving icon or click on Publications for weekly Parish notes, a current copy of The Matthean, and important dates listed.

Give Thanks To God Always



The Wardens and Vestry are the formal and canonical leadership of the congregation during the interim period.
If you have questions, need help or additional information please feel free to contact Angie Battey, Sr. Warden directly at 486-9151 or  For pastoral help call The Rev. Celeste Hemingson at 603-496-8160 (cell).
Interim Rector The Rev. Celeste Hemingson (603) 496-8160
Parish Administrator Kelly Kennerson

St. Matthew's Church   7 N. Mast   Goffstown, NH 03045
office phone: 603-497-2003  

Office Hours: Tues & Thurs 9:30-12:30pm, Wed 9:30-1:30pm