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April 26, 2018 Parish News

Mast Palm Sunday 2 
St. Matthew's
Episcopal Church
The Rev. Dr. Nancy Vogele, Rector
Office Hours:
Tu/Th 9:30-12:30pm
Wed 9:30-1:30pm
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All people of faith are welcome to receive Holy Communion at the Lord's Table.
Readings for this Sunday:
Acts 8:26-40
Psalm  22:24-30
Epistle 1 John 4:7-21
Gospel John 15:1-8
  Thank you for your ministry this week:
Jay Hunter
Sharon Benard
Matt Desrochers
Ryan Edgar
Emily Desrochers
James McKim
Rosemarie Fry
Joan Alayne Stevens
Nancy Nichols
Coffee Hour
Nancy Clark
Important Dates
April 29 - 8 & 10am worship w/Sunday School
May 6 - Worship 8 & 10amw/Sunday School
 - Jr. Choir rehearsal 11:30-Noon
May 13 - 8am worship, 10amFamily Folk Mass (no Sunday School)
May 17 - Vestry meeting 7pm
May 19 - CCC Volunteer luncheon 12:30-2pm
May 20 - Worship 8 & 10amw/Sunday School
 - Parish Breakfast served 8:45-9:30am (Last one of the program year!)
 - Social Justice meeting 11:15am
 - Open House at the home of Lynn & Nancy 1-4pm. 75 Hamblet St., Manchester
May 27 - Worship 8 & 10amw/Sunday School
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In Our Prayers
Get Well and God Bless
Richard, Lloyd, Jeff & Family, Eryn, Eileen, Pat, Eleanor 
Birthdays Known to Us
Ian Clark
Michael Simons
Ryan Buchanan
Andrea Lingley
Anniversaries Known to Us
Amy & Gerry Poisson
David Betz & Lynn Scott
Eric & Karyn Battey
Weekly Offerings
 AA meetings held in the church undercroft 8:30pm
Group Meditation 7-8:30 in the Parish House for further information please visit 
SHINE Program - for seniors 10:30-11:45am
Bible Chat - Noon-1pm 
Sr. Choir Rehearsal - 7-8:30pm
Food Pantry - Wednesday 6:00-8:00 pm and Saturday 10:00-noon
Community Clothing Center hours- 
Tuesday 11:00-2:00pm, Wednesday 6:00-8:00 pm, Thursday 3-5pm and Saturday 10:00am-Noon
Need a Ride?
Do you or anyone you know in Goffstown need a ride to a medical or other necessary appointment?  Easter Seals may be able to help! Call 668-8603 (select option 2) and ask to schedule a ride. Please call at least four days in advance, wheelchairs can be accommodated.  Service is available to people who are elderly or disabled.     
Manchester Transit Authority also offers door to door transportation to residents of Goffstown.  Available every Monday, Wednesday and Fridaybetween 9am & 2pm.  No fare for the service but reservations are required.  Call the MTA at 623-8801 at least 1 day in advance.          
Parish Notes - April 26, 2018
Our Lenten adult ed series used a booklet from the Society of St. John the Evangelist called, "Meeting Jesus in John." One of the meditations was by Br. David Vryhof in which he said, in part:
"I remember when I was in college, I worked with children who had special needs. And I remember one evening being at supper and watching a young boy who was struggling to cut a piece of meat, but his hands lacked the strength and coordination to be successful in the task. And finally he looked up and asked for help. And one of the staff members came around behind him, wrapped her arms around his, put her hands over his, and helped him cut the meat. And I thought that was an apt image for our relationship with God. When we realize that we can do nothing on our own, that we are dependent on God's life and strength within us, then we yield ourselves to that strength, and God's strength becomes one with our strength, so that we can't tell where our strength leaves off and where God's strength begins. It all becomes one."
What a beautiful image of how God enfolds us and gives us strength when "we yield ourselves to that strength."  What is keeping you from yielding to that strength?
Peace, Nancy
*Kelly is out of the office this week. Submissions for the next issue of The Matthean are due April 30.


*There will be no Bible Chat next Wednesday May 2.

Community Clothing Center News!
We are happy to announce that the Community Clothing Center will accept donations of good quality, used, in-season clothing, household goods, and clean, gently used toys beginning Monday, April 23. Please leave donations on the tables inside the newly repaired garage at our store 24/7.  Thank you for your support! For more info, see

Just Visiting
"When was it that we saw you sick or in prison and visited you? Jesus will answer them, "Truly I tell you, just as you did it to one of the last of these, you did it to me." Matthew 25:39-40
A Forum Concerning County Jail Incarceration in NH
Please save the date:
Saturday, April 28, 2018 from 12:30 until 3:00pm
St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Ordway Hall, 
Concord NH
You should come if you wonder:
Who goes to jail in New Hampshire...Why they are there ...What happens to them...How long they stay... What programs are available while they are there... What helps people not return once they leave... About probation and parole... What is "just" .... Who can visit... How to volunteer... About other ways to respond....
And: If you read The New Jim Crow, you may find attending the forum a helpful next step.
"Just Visiting" is sponsored by The Prison Concerns Committee and the Commission on Reconciliation of the Episcopal Church in NH; and The NH Council of Churches.  We invite you to take this step with us.

We will be holding Renewal Workshops on May 5th at Christ Church in Exeter and May 12th at St. Andrew's in New London. These Workshops are for wardens, treasurers, vestry members, and ministry directors to help you envision how your church can follow where God is going ahead of you and to learn from each other about your roles in church leadership. For more information, and to register for a workshop follow the link HERE.

Dr. Deb McCarter ( or 774-573-0378) has a friend in need of the following:
Returning to the area in early May after the first year of college (in the midwest): honors student, pianist, Psych major, activist, seeks room to rent, house share, or house-sitting job for the summer (mid-May through mid-August).  Came out as non-binary last year, kicked out of home by parents in the Concord area.  Friends in the area to stay with temporarily, but seeking an affordable, modest living situation that will afford stability, peace, and independence.  Happy to help with dog-walking, chores, yard work, child care.  Seeks a summer home of this kind for a month, or two months, or three months--all much appreciated.  Summer job secured already in Concord.  Thank you! 

One Volunteer Needed at the CCC
A person is needed as a Key Person (shift leader) on the 2nd Thursday of each month 3-5pm.  The Key Person opens, handles the cash sales and justifies the money, supervises the volunteers and closes. Training and support are provided.   
Please contact the office or Sharon or Joan Alayne for more information. Thank you!

Barbara Harris Summer Camp
Children entering grades 4 - 12 are invited to spend a week or more of their summer at camp! The Barbara C. Harris (BCH) Camp is a ministry of the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts and is located in the southern Monadnock region of New Hampshire (1.5 hours north of Boston). Our mission is to serve diverse youth from the diocese and to meet them where they are at in their personal faith journeys. Our program is focused on traditional New England camp programming (archery, adventure, arts & crafts, swimming, boating, ropes course, dance, drama, nature, music,
sports) and spiritual formation.
2018 Summer Camp Schedule
Session 1: Sunday, 7/1 - Friday, 7/6
Session 2: Sunday, 7/8 - Friday, 7/13
Session 3: Sunday, 7/15 - Friday, 7/20
Session 4: Sunday, 7/22 - Friday, 7/27
Session 5: Sunday, 7/29 - Friday, 8/3
Registration Information
Financial Aid: We are committed to providing the financial aid needed so that each and every child may attend camp. If you are seeking assistance, apply for a Campership during the online registration process.
Transportation: We offer one-way and round-trip transportation on opening and closing days of camp. Our bus stops are at Episcopal churches in Medford and Bridgewater, MA.
Learn More:
Ask us a Question:
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Parish Administrator Kelly Kennerson
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